The DeYor Performing Arts Center will be hosting Operation Keepsake (OK) Inc's Ninth Annual Friends4Friends Campaign Film Festival on Thursday, September 15.

Now it's up to the community to decide which short film will win the Best Short Film award.

Seven short films have been submitted by several schools throughout the Valley including Mathews High School, South Range High School, West Branch High School, Western Reserve High School, Brunswick Middle School, James A. Garfield Middle School and Newton Falls Middle School.

The short films explore major issues facing today's youth such as bullying, abusive relationships, peer pressure, sexual pressure, stealing and gaming.

All seven of these short films can be found on OK Inc's YouTube channel

To vote for your favorite film, just like the video of your favorite. The video with the most likes will win the award for Best Short Film.

Other awards given include Best Actress / Actor, Best Extras and much more.