The City of Girard cracking down on smoking laws in local parks.

City Council is voting on new legislation Monday night to ban smoking in all city parks. 

"It's just a common sense approach if you think about it," Girard Mayor James Melfi said, "In our parks of course, [there are] baseball games, softball games, a lot of interaction with young people, children."

Hartzell, Liberty, Tod and Sambaugh parks are all expected to have smoking bans in place.

This includes e-cigarettes and vaping too.

The ban was suggested by the Trumbull County Health Department.

Signage will be provided by the health department through a statewide grant, which is meant to encourage young people to stay away from smoking.

Melfi said enforcement will mostly be based on the honor system, but said the city does have security cameras already in place at the parks and will enforce the smoking ban as necessary during public events.

"I would imagine the police could be called in the vent someone is witnessing smoking in the park," he said, "We would just ask people to cooperate for what is best for our young people and everybody else around."

Melfi said all city council members are on board with this and they plan to put the signs up as soon as possible.