As many markets are impacted by increased prices, local pumpkin growers are using all necessary tools to fight against inflation that would cause them to raise their prices.

Kim Sisco of White house Fruit Farms say they're in a good position. 

"This year we have just decided to do our very best to keep our prices low," Sisco said.

White House Fruit Farm pumpkins cost 40 cents per pound. A major key to is growing their produce locally and selling directly to the public. Additional costs like fuel or transportation plays an integral role in regulating prices, Sisco says.

"When you grow your own product you have control over when you're picking, when you're planting . You don't have the the hauling costs and all the other expenses that come in," Sisco said. 

Pumpkins at White House Fruit Farm will be on sale until the end of October.