Howland is looking at ways to improve the township.
Its comprehensive plan is 13 years old, so there's a need to review priorities and discuss where improvements or investments are needed. 
"Howland has a comprehensive plan. It's not on a shelf document. It's a living document we look to constantly as we make decisions for the township. It had a steering committee that put the original plan together and was adopted by the trustees. Every year we give a report to the public as to what we accomplished that is outlined in that comprehensive plan," Township Administrator Darlene St. George said. 
St. George added that the township believe it's time to ask the community what do they like, what do they want to see in an updated plan, what direction do they want to see the township go in future years.
“It’s a living, working, breathing document, so you want to move as times change. Maybe the way you were doing things or the way the community was planned out no longer fits in. Maybe some things have happened and you need to change how your looking at your community. That’s what this is all about,” emphasized St. George.
Howland's Administrator tells us this week, dates for public forums, and trustee meetings will be posted online so the public can attend. 
In the future residents will find surveys on paper that will be at the township they can fill out, or surveys they can take on line.
The process will take about one year.