The Eastern Gateway Community College Education Association (EGCCEA) is expressing a heightened level of concern to Eastern Gateway's Board of Trustees.

According to a news release, there are three critical issues facing the college:

- The lack of progress on the ongoing accreditation probation the Higher Learning Commission has imposed on the college

- The legal and logistical difficulties resulting from the college's attempts to transition away from its partnership with the Student Resource Center and its administration of the Free College Union Benefit Program

- The limitations that the U.S. Department of Education has imposed on the college regarding the use of Pell Grants in the Free College Union Benefit Program

EGGCEA President, Jim Corrin said in a news release that all these issues combined together could potentially threaten the viability and integrity of the college.

"The Association has called on the Trustees and the College Administration to recognize the urgency of resolving these issues and to work diligently, transparently and immediately to resolve these issues in ways that will ensure the ongoing success of the college and quality education for all of our students," Corrin said.