The Warren city zoning commission denied a request by the Warren Family Mission for a variance, which would've allowed to turn a three-acre property on Moncrest Drive into a transitional house for women and children.

"We'll begin the process over, we may take some time to pause on that but hopefully we'll be able to find a different building.", said Dominic Mararri, public relations director at the mission.

For the last year, the variance alone was a roadblock for the mission seeking to buy the property from the Youngstown Diocese.

For months, members of the zoning board heard testimony on two sides of an important issue.

Some were in favor of a transitional home for women and children in a residential neighborhood. Others were adamantly against it.

"It's just not something that belongs here right now, for all the people in this community.", said Arthur Rogers, a Warren resident.

Others explained they don't want an ugly massive fence on the beautiful property and expressed concerns about decreased property values

"What we were really concerned about were men coming around causing problems, like fathers.", one neighbor told 21 News.

Mararri said they had no intentions of adding buildings to the property, adding that the property would've been under 24-hour surveillance with staff working around the clock.

Others defended Warren Family Missions' ownership of buildings saying they renovate and keep up their buildings and do good with them.