WYSU's director went the extra mile during a fundraising campaign for the station. 

WYSU-FM director of broadcasting Gary Sexton challenged himself to run 88.5 miles in 24 hours to support WYSU, and he overcame that challenge when he ran 89 miles in under 24 hours during the One Day at the Fair 24-Hour Race in New Jersey on October, 7. 

October is Support WYSU Month, where the radio station asks for listener support throughout the entire month, and encourage online contributions. 

The stations goal is to hear from 800 donors by the end of October.

Before Sexton's 89 mile run, more than 100 listeners had sponsored him, generating over $20,000 in public support for the station. 

"My primary intention for this run was to do something so ridiculously hard to encourage our listeners to do something ridiculously easy, and that is to support this 53-year old community treasure," said Gary Sexton about the amount of miles he ran. 

Now that Sexton has successfully completed his run, WYSU is asking listeners who have not yet contributed to the station this fall to do so in celebration of Sexton's accomplishment.

Listeners wishing to make a contribution can do so by going to the station's website.