The City of Struthers is set to receive a $200,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Transportation. 

The ODOT Transportation Alternative Program awarded Struthers the grant for the Elm Street Safety Upgrade Project. 

The project aims to improve a section of Elm Street by improving accessibility and safety for vehicles and pedestrians. 

The Elm Street Safety Upgrade Project will also replace cracked, broken, and hazardous sections of the sidewalk and drive on the south side of Elm Street between Fifth Street and Terrance Street. Trees that have disrupted the sidewalks will also be removed. Elm Street will also be resurfaced as part of an ODOT funded project. 

The City has also applied to Eastgate Regional Council of Governments for additional $150,000 in grant funding through the Ohio Public Works Commission. 

This project will enhance safety, promote healthy living and improve non-motorized travel in the City, and improve an accessible pedestrian linkage from community uses, including the high school campus and sports complex, the City's new fire station, City Hall, the Library, the Post Office and downtown restaurants and businesses. The proposed safety upgrade project will connect a large amount of the City residential population to the central business district of the City.

Plans were submitted for this project to ODOT in August 2022, and the project is set to begin construction in July, 2023. 

The proposed Project will create a safer and more accessible pedestrian linkage from community uses to the downtown district of the City, further strengthening the ability for pedestrians to move about the City's Central Business District.