With less than one month until the election, another hotly contested race is the seat for Ohio's 33rd senate district. 

Incumbent Michael Rulli is bidding for re-election against Democratic candidate and longtime valley politician Bob Hagan and answered questions pertaining to a number of issues.

One of those issues is gun control. While both support the second amendment, Hagan says there are too many guns on the street and too many opportunities for people to get guns. Hagan says adding stricter measures like mental health testing, need to be put in place.

"You just don't need all the guns that can shoot so many bullets so rapidly, there is a real endangerment there," Hagan said specifically talking about AR-15s.

"They shouldn't be in the hands of people that are not trained...they should be eliminated," the Democratic candidate added.

Senator Rulli believes conversations about gun ownership need to be had but as far as gun ownership.

"If you follow the law and you are qualified by the statute that's already there then I would support that," said Rulli.

A topic of many conversations ahead of the November election is abortion rights.

"Clearly we have to let women make decisions between themselves and their doctor," Hagan explained.

Rulli, a pro-life advocate believes concerns deal with the restrictions themselves, and that's where conversations should begin.

"I think a lot of it has to do with the time, whenever the last day should be whether it's six or 15 weeks," Rulli said.

Every American has felt the impact of inflation, a burden both candidates want to ease with Hagan suggesting putting an end corporate greed.

"They said that they'd just give tax breaks to corporations and they'll create jobs, but that's not happening," said Hagan, suggesting an increase in taxes for corporate Ohio.

On the other hand, Senator Rulli believes the answer is right beneath us.

"We have enough energy below our feet right now to supply the earth for 800 years," said Rulli, talking about converting natural gas into electricity.

"Think about a powerplant, powerplant is going to take natural gas out of the ground, convert it to electricity. The one in Wellsville does enough for 1.5 million homes,' Rulli added. 

Both candidates shed light on how to bring investment and jobs to the Valley.  Hagan believes it starts with tackling poverty and education.

"Taking care of these kids that are in poverty and fighting issues that are related to that, otherwise businesses won't come," he explained

"If you can't improve your education system, you're really not going to get a bunch of business people coming to the valley," he continued.

Rulli says it's building around the likes of Ultium Cells and Foxconn.

"You already see the appeal to the rest of the country to relocate here in the valley...there's hundreds of companies that have already been here from Taiwan and South Korea that are interested in relocating so they're close to the manufacturing," the Ohio Senator told 21 News.