State Reps, Michele Lepore-Hagan and Tavia Galonski issued a statement on Wednesday on the Protect Child Victims Act, which would give child sexual assault and abuse victims the ability to apply for an emergency award for any healthcare treatment including abortion care.

"The Protect Child Victims Act empowers children and their caregivers after a traumatic sexual assault. These funds exist to care for survivors of child sexual abuse, not to advance extremist political agendas," Lepore-Hagan said.

Hagan went on to say that she and other representatives have fought to make exceptions for these victims in Ohio's heartbeat abortion ban, and criticized Republicans for not signing on to the bill.

"Now they won't sign on to a bill that gives child sexual assault victims emergency resources for the care they need. It's cruel how these radical republicans keep ignoring their suffering," Lepore-Hagan said.

The awards offered through this funding would be paid for by criminal fines, rather than Ohio taxpayers and made at the discretion of the Ohio Attorney General's office.

Galonski says child sexual assault victims deal with more than just physical symptoms after trauma, and this legislation is meant to help these victims with feelings of fear and confusion.

"We get them on the road to recovery and help them become survivors. Power and political agendas shouldn't be more important than that," Galonski said.

According to a press release, no House Republicans have signed on to this legislation.