A Columbus man has been charged after allegedly throwing products in a gas station while intoxicated.

Police were dispatched to a Shell gas station on Boardman-Poland Road just after midnight on Thursday, where they say 20-year-old Vincent Ireland IV was throwing products at the counter and broke into an employees only area of the store.

Upon arrival, Ireland was placed in handcuffs and placed under arrest. Police say Ireland appeared to be highly intoxicated noting slurred speech, unsteadiness on his feet and the smell of alcohol on his breath. 

Police spoke with an employee at the gas station who said Ireland came into the store intoxicated and fell into a display of chips.

The employee told police when he asked Ireland to leave, he refused and instead entered an employees only office area and began to incoherently talk about Halloween.

After leaving the office, police say Ireland began throwing packs of gum at the counter, but did not seem to be targeting the employee.

Later on, police say a receipt for about $100 worth of alcohol with Ireland's name on it was found at a nearby hotel. Police say Ireland was not properly carded by the bartender.

When police asked the bartender why Ireland was not carded, she told them that she was busy and did not think to card him.

Police say charges are currently pending for the bartender allegedly serving Ireland while he was under the legal drinking age of 21 years old.

Police also located Ireland's wallet at the hotel and found a fake Missouri ID with a fake birth date inside. 

Ireland was charged with underage consumption of alcohol, inducing panic, criminal trespassing, disorderly conduct while intoxicated and criminal mischief.