Some are funny, and some are scary, but one thing is certain. The paper mache pumpkins created by a Newton Falls woman show a lot of talent and skill.

Anna Garrett is the artist behind what she calls the Petrified Pumpkin Patch.

Last weekend Anna displayed her creations in front of her home.

The all-paper Jack-o-lanterns represent a year and a half of work by Anna, who says she wants to bring “good” to her community and leave visitors with a feeling of awe.

“Not only did I make a ton of pumpkins out of paper but I'm sharing my kindness and positivity with the world in hopes that it catches on,” says Anna. “Not only are My pumpkins all over the world but I'm teaching the world how to make pumpkins too!”

Anna says she’s giving people hope and a reason to get up every day.


Anna Garrett


You can check out Anna’s pumpkin patch at TikTok @petrifiedpumpkinpatch.

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