The flooding in Boardman has been a significant issue over the years, damaging homes and businesses, especially those in Boardman Plaza.

City officials are working to solve that problem by possibly demolishing some of the businesses there.

"The Township was given the go ahead to apply for a brick grant through FEMA which is building resilient infrastructure in communities," said Boardman Township Administrator Jason Loree. "We'll hopefully be eligible for a ten million dollar grant to basically revitalize central Boardman at the Boardman Plaza," he said.

This project is still in it's infancy, but if it were to move forward, would affect five businesses including, Save-A-Lot, Frosty Premium Frozen Yogurt, Dutchess Cleaners, Rondinelli Tuxedo Company and a vacant building.

These five businesses would have to be torn down, but Loree tells 21 News that if there's empty space in the plaza, they could be relocated.

Loree wants to put an above ground detention in a small part of the plaza parking lot and then an underground detention under the majority of the parking lot to hold flood waters back and slowly release them back into the system.

There's a water pipe directly underneath the Save-A-Lot store that officials would need to access to move the project forward.

"There's a lot of work still ahead, but we're optimistic that this grant could be vital for helping the Cranberry Run Watershed and all the homes that flood in central Boardman," Loree said.

However, until they can submit the application and receive that grant money, they can't get the ball rolling just yet. 21 News reached out to the plaza businesses, but they did not wish to comment.