A cold case out of Columbiana County still remains unsolved after 22 years.

17-year-old Joey Gilmore of Lisbon died after a hit and run, and the driver was never found.

"We're hurt," Gilmore's sister, Rebecca Tyson said, "We just want justice for Joe and we want to find who did it."

It was October 24th, 2000 when Gilmore was walking with his brother around four in the morning in Lisbon.

Gilmore was struck on Brookfield Road, and the driver kept going.

His brother, Floyd Gilmore, said he was right beside him before his brother was dragged down the road underneath a car from Brookfield Street all the way up to Carter Lumber near the intersection of Jackson Street and Lincoln Way.

Gilmore died three days later.

"No real idea what happened other than the fact that he was hit," Columbiana County Prosecuting Attorney Vito Abruzzino said, "They fled the scene immediately."

His mother, brother and sister all said they think about Gilmore every single day and hope one day authorities can find out who did this.

The Columbiana County Prosecutor's office said they are still investigating the case.

Anyone who knows anything is asked to call 330- 420-1050.