A Lake Milton man is in jail after police say he kneed Lake Milton Police Chief, Charles Vandyke in the head multiple times.

Police were dispatched to a home in Craig Beach just before 10:30 Wednesday morning in reference to a protection order violation.

Police say the suspect, 40-year-old Jason Conrad is well-known to them noting that he was out on bond for a protection order violation and domestic violence. Police also noted that Conrad has a history with drug usage.

Police located Conrad at a residence on Lynfield Road and advised him that he was under arrest for criminal trespassing. Police say Conrad then became agitated and struck a sheriff's deputy in the torso with an unidentified object.

Police say Chief Vandyke attempted to handcuff Conrad, when he attempted to strike him and another deputy. Police tried tazing Conrad three times, but he was unaffected each time.

Police say during this fight, Conrad kneed Chief Vandyke in the head multiple times resulting in injuries to his head. Police went on to say Chief Vandyke was bleeding from his head and one of his hands.

Chief Vandyke was taken to University Hospital for his injuries.

Conrad was booked into the Mahoning County Jail and is facing charges of Assault of a Peace Officer, Resisting Arrest, Violation of a Probation Order and Criminal Trespassing.

A Drug Paraphernalia charge was added to the list of charges on Thursday in reference to a clear pipe with burn marks on it that police found in Conrad's pocket.