10th graders at the Columbiana County Career and Technical Center got the opportunity to tour local manufacturing facilities, learn about career opportunities and plan for their future on Thursday.

The "Manufacturing Your Future" Event was courtesy of Congressman Bill Johnson and the Columbiana County Educational Service Center (CCESC) Business Advisory Council.

Vice President of Safety and Training for Compco Industries in Columbiana, Robert Bachinger tells 21 News this is an opportunity for students in the county to see manufacturing and industrial jobs up close and potentially start planning for their future.

"When they come in and visit our manufacturing facilities, they actually get a close firsthand look at what we actually do. And if it is something that they would like to pursue in the future, obviously we'd entertain them to come in and work for us," Bachinger said.

Leetonia student, Ryan Bulford tells 21 News the type of manufacturing job he's most interested in is welding.

"I like to build things and make my own stuff," Bulford said.

Additionally, Bulford says he'd be interested in taking up machining as well. 

Bachinger tells us that Compco's starting wages for all employees is $20 per hour, but this could go up as advancement opportunities arise. 

"We give [employees] opportunities to grow during their employment. They can get into machining, they can get into welding, they can get into anything and actually grow and that would actually give them the opportunity to make more money within the company," Bachinger said.