The cost of diesel is up and experts said a big reason for this is a diesel shortage, the most significant shortage since 1982.

"It's actually very concerning because all of the goods and services that we are using, the shipping and transportation are being done by trains, or trucks or even boats sometimes," Kent State University Economist Omid Bagheri said, "All of those use diesel."

Bagheri said there are multiple reasons for the shortage, and that the main issue right now is the Russia-Ukraine war.

The United States used to import $700,000 petroleum barrels per day, but because of sanctions, that has significantly reduced.

He said help is coming from Europe, but in the meantime, we may see prices go up even more, and potentially less on the shelves.

"Of course when the price of diesel goes up significantly because of the shortage of supply, it will trickle over to the cost of the transportation," he said, "and eventually to the cost of the end users so it's a very important issue."

Not only does transportation use diesel, but also emergency apparatus, such as fire trucks.

Boardman fire is trying to stay ahead of the problem by ordering an extra 6,500 gallons of diesel and limiting unnecessary travel.

"Hopefully that will sustain us for a period of time," Boardman Fire Chief Mark Pitzer said, "We're aware of the situation, we're trying to take all precautions to make sure we have enough supply to get us through."

Bagheri said the impacts of the diesel shortage could be felt until next summer.