We're moving deeper into fall and that means fewer hours of daylight as we head toward the winter months.

The cooler weather and shorter days mean more deer are moving onto Ohio roadways.

According to AAA, the number of deer-car collisions increases in October and peaks in November and December. They say drivers need to be especially vigilant on the road in animal-prone areas.

Since 2017, there have been more than 100,000 deer-related crashes in Ohio, according to data from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Nationally, there are about 1 million car accidents with deer each year that kill 200 people and cause more than 10,000 injuries and $1 billion in vehicle damage.

To help prevent a crash with deer or other animals, AAA says to follow some of these tips:

  • Pay attention to yellow, diamond-shaped road signs with an image of a deer indicating high levels of activity
  • Keep focused on the road
  • Be especially attentive in early morning and evening hours
  • Use high beams when there is no oncoming traffic
  • Slow down and watch for other deer to appear
  • Resist the urge to swerve

If you are involved in a crash with a deer, call the police and avoid making contact with the animal. Put your car's hazard lights on and move the car to a safe location if possible.