The Black Voters Matter Bus Tour made stops as it traveled through Youngstown to bring attention to the importance of early voting and voting for Tuesday's election.
21 News caught up with the national tour that is traveling through ten key states prior to Tuesday's election.
The Black Voters Matter Bus rolled up outside New Bethel Baptist Church in Youngstown.
The tour through ten key states prior to election day is to increase voter awareness and turnout.
"We won't quiet down, we won't lay down, we won't back down. We are going to come together in strength and unity to get the issues that we demand action on,"  Co-Founder & Executive of Black Voters Matter Cliff Albright said.
He says the goal is to get people excited about the election, to educate people about the days to vote, places to vote, plus they are providing voting guides.
The tour traveled to Frieda's Lounge and a rally at New Bethel Baptist Church in Youngstown. 
Melissa White and Ruthie King were at the event to help energize others in our community to vote. 
"I came out here to help support and promote the importance of voting. We are here to represent unity in our community and help everyone in our population understand the importance of voting," Melissa White said.
Other voters here point out midterms are just as important as presidential elections. 
"You have definitely needed to come out and vote because it's your right to do so. No matter what your voting for. I'm not going to tell anyone how to vote but no matter what you're doing it's your voice because it affects your entire community," Lovetta Jenkins.
The Greater Youngstown Community Mobilization Coalition and Ohio Unity Coalition helped bring the bus tour here. 
The bus will make stops in Pittsburgh Thursday, then it will continue to North Carolina where it will work to rally votes up until election day.