The Mahoning County Grand Jury has named a health care provider and two of its employees in an indictment alleging that they physically and verbally abused a disabled patient.

According to assistant county prosecutor Mike Yacovone, the two 19-year-old employees of Penny’s Behavioral Healthcare abused a sixteen-year-old male patient described as autistic and non-functioning.

Yacovone says there is video evidence to support allegations that the employees repeatedly struck the patient, slamming him against a wall, throwing him into a bed and verbally abused him.

The indictment charges Penny’s Behavioral Healthcare as well as the two men from Warren, Sultahn Honzu and George Gunther with patient abuse and assault.

The indictment lists the address of Penny’s Behavioral Healthcare as 1169 Trails Edge Drive, Hubbard.

Trumbull County property records show that address as a private residence.

If convicted, the employees could face up to 18 months in prison.