It was a time of prayer and healing at St. Rose Church where hundreds came to pay their final respects to 21-year-old Girard native Kevin Sobnosky

"Kevin is the best example of what a catholic family and catholic education wants to produce", said Pastor Jordan Kelly of St. Rose Church in Girard.

Kevin was months away from obtaining his bachelor's in Computer Science at YSU in the spring. A valedictorian at Girard high school and a stellar athlete, despite all that he achieved it was his soul that captivated so many.

"It's also a day to celebrate who this young man was because in 21 years he truly touched the lives of so many", said Monsignor John Zuraw of the Catholic Diocese. "He truly lived the gospel passage of love and no matter who you were--he accepted you."

Sobnosky had stopped at a Sheetz in Northeast Columbus Sunday morning, when he was caught in crossfire.  Police say he was simply in the wrong place in the wrong time. Authorities have 12 persons of interest, however no arrests have been made.