Voters living in the West Branch Local School District voted down a levy that would've added a 0.5% earned income tax for school improvements.

The final count was 3,012 no votes to 2,144 yes votes.

In an emailed statement following the loss, Superintendent Micki Egli said  district has yet to determine if they will be able to maintain the operations at Knox school building with the current financial structure. "This means we will need to consider whether we pursue another vote in order to maintain our expanded preschool program and implement the additional in-demand career training that local industry partners are seeking," said Egli.

The outcome of this election does not impact our commitment to our students,” says Micki Egli, West Branch Superintendent in an emailed statement. “Our staff is still committed to maximizing the resources available to ensure a safe environment for students to learn and grow.”

The levy, which was expected to raise $1.5 million for the district annually for five years, was sought to generate the funds needed to improve safety measures within the district, add career pathways, support student mental health with additional resources, and remove the pay to play model.

“Many of the initiatives in the levy were additional resources, technologies, and supports, which means a number of the areas targeted by the levy will continue at the level at which they have already been operating for the time being,” said Egli.