YOUNGTOWN, Ohio - Two years ago Ray Prisby had a special guest when Jim Brown visited his east side home to inform him he was nominated as the Browns representative for the NFL Hall of Fans exhibit at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton.

Now, Prisby, wants another legend to visit his home.

LeBron James announced on twitter several weeks ago he was becoming a Cleveland Browns and leaving the Dallas Cowboys, his previous favorite team.

James, a self proclaimed huge fan of running back Jim Brown has been invited by Prisby to look at his collection of Brown memorabilia.

The collection is like none other and has pieces that Brown even joked during his visit, saying he doesn't have some of the pieces Prisby owns.

."Before you become a Browns fan, he must come see my collection because I know his admiration for Brown," Prisby told 21 Sports.

Prisby understands its a long shot to land James and even sweetened the pot.

'I know your a busy man, but at the same if you find a little time, I can show you some great history and I even have a one of a kind Jim Brown item for you."

James plays for the Lakers and they play in Cleveland, December 6th.