We told you on 21 News at 6 on Wednesday about a potential transfer station and solid waste landfill that could make a home in Madison Township. 

This potential project isn't coming without opposition from people living in the area who say they already had their fair share of landfills. 

"Do you, Mr. Vogel, feel that Vogel Holdings is a very honest company?" asked one woman at a community meeting hosted by the company Wednesday at Beaver Local Schools. 

As company Vogel Holdings plans to place a transfer station and solid waste landfill in Madison Township off of State Route 45, the company hosted the community meeting, which is required by the EPA to hear their health and safety concerns.

"Where you guys want to put this landfill for years we fought to finally get one shutdown," explained one concerned citizen. 

The final say comes from the EPA, with Vogel Holdings waiting on their permit approvals. Questions at the meeting included what their plans are if their permits aren't approved, how they will manage the odor coming from the facility, how the project could affect property tax and if this is a danger for wells and animals in the area.

"What's the process for me to bring it in from driving it to the driveway to the dumping of it and to the sorting of it," a woman asked. 

"So, if our water goes bad because of this landfill, are you guys going to pay for our hookup to that water line?" another man asked. 

Vogel Holdings answered all questions, reassuring they are even exceeding EPA requirements during the process.

The company was confronted about previous citations from the EPA for transporting and storing waste without approval- also exceeding daily waste volumes, failing to control odor, leaking waste loads, and hauling prohibited waste products. The company was transparent with the history of these fines dating back to 2011.

This meeting was required before the EPA takes final action on the application.