The Ohio Humanities Council has awarded the Youngstown Steel Museum a quarterly grant to conduct and archive the history of working women in the Valley.

The grant runs from December of 2022 until November of 2023. The museum is looking to interview 60 women who have worked outside the home from the 1970s all the way up to the 2020s.

Interviews will take about one hour to complete. The museum is looking to to learn what these women's work experience how they balanced their work life with their family life.

These experiences will then be compared and contrasted with the challenges female workers have expressed recently such as lack of flexible hours, sexual harassment, child and/or elder care needs, discrimination, union representation, equitable treatment, long hours and much more.

The museum plans to hold integrational workshops to have women of all ages discuss these issues and how they dealt with them and compare and contrast them to the issues today.

A preliminary presentation of the museum's findings will be held in March in honor of Women's History Month. In September, the museum will hold an exhibit opening and presentation of its findings.

Two workshops will be held in October to show attendees how to conduct oral history interviews and the final presentation of all findings will be held in November.

Those interested in being interviewed by the steel museum can call 330-941-1314 or email the museum at [email protected]