Police in Warren are investigating an alleged extortion attempt involving explicit photos and social media.

According to a police report, a 20-year-old Hollywood St. NE man said a woman he met on TikTok asked him for explicit pictures of himself.

After sending her pictures of himself exposing his genitals, the woman convinced him to contact her on a dating app where he shared his phone number with her.

That’s when, according to the report, the woman threatened to humiliate him by posting his name, phone, numbers and explicit pictures on social media, unless he sent her $300.

The victim then received a message that the person he had been communicating with was with the FBI, who demanded that the victim call immediately.

The victim attempted to send the person $300 through a cash app.

However, a bank stopped the attempted transaction and notified a 43-year-old man who lists the same address as the 20-year-old victim.

The 43-year-old contacted police and filed a report.