The City of Hermitage has announced on Wednesday that Representative for Pennsylvania's 7th District, Mark Longietti has been hired as the city's Director of Business & Community Development.

Longietti will assume this position effective January 3, 2023.

Longietti has served as Pennsylvania's 7th District Representative for eight terms before announcing his retirement earlier this year. During his time in the House, Longietti focused on the areas of economic development and education.

He's previously served on the House Commerce, Education, Tourism and Transportation Committees. 

According to a news release from the City of Hermitage, Longietti plans to work to strengthen existing relationships with city businesses and industries and be available to assist them in identifying and assessing their needs and determining solutions to implement. 

He plans to develop a platform for regular dialog with real estate professionals and developers. He also plans to work with appropriate officials and city staff to attract news businesses and industry maintain positive working relationships with local and regional economic development agencies and identify funding sources to implement inter-municipal development opportunities and related community development initiatives.

He will report directly to the City Manger and work closely with other management staff.

"The addition of Mark Longietti to fill this position will provide more support for our existing businesses and industries, including those coming to Hermitage from Wheatland as the result of the merger," said Hermitage Board of Commissioners President, Duane Piccirilli.

Hermitage City Manager Gary Hinkson says Longietti's position will attract new businesses to the city as well.

"Mark's proven leadership skills, professional background and strategic relationships are invaluable assets and we are very excited to have him join our management team," Hinkson said.

Longietti says he's excited to join the City of Hermitage team and help advance business and community development throughout the city and broader community.

"I look forward to partnering with a wide variety of organizations and individuals as we enhance the economy and quality of life in the city across the region," Longietti said.

Longietti went on to say he will use the experience he gained as a State Representative to contribute as a member of the team.