As we're now just hours away from the Thanksgiving holiday, Wednesday night, known as Thanksgiving Eve is known as one of the busiest nights for bars and pizza joints. 

21 News stopped by the Downtown Youngstown scene as friends and family reunite to kick off the holiday weekend.

"It's nice to see some familiar faces and everybody having dinner the night before Thanksgiving," said Vernon Cesta III, Manager at V2 Wine Bar and Trattoria.

"Everyone gets to see one another," said Joey Mamounis, Employee at Avalon Downtown and Bella Amica Boutique. "They've either been away at school or off working and everyone's back home for the holiday."

"A day like Thanksgiving Eve is similar to St. Patty's Day or like New Year's Eve," explained Cesta. "So we're really excited. We do a lot of good dinner sales and late at night, we expect a big crowd too. It goes all day and all night."

"There's always prep work being done before the Thanksgiving holiday so it's smart to give everybody the night off and grab a pizza from your local pizza joint," Mamounis added. 

"We go with the flow throughout the night," Cesta said. "We serve drinks when people want them until about 2 A.M."

Several bars in Downtown Youngstown are fully staffed for Wednesday night's drinking holiday. 

"I think it brings a sense of Youngstown as a whole," said Grace McCarty, Server at Gringo's Tacos Tequila & Mezcal Bar. "We get to share a lot of new things with the community. We meet new people and build new connections."

"When we get a chance to catch our breath we're kind of like, 'Wow, we did all that.' Everybody's kind of beat from it by the end of the night but everybody does good and everybody's making money," explained Cesta. 

"This night kicks off the weekend and bridges for a weekend of fun for everyone," McCarty added. "Holidays can be stressful so it's nice to grab some drinks with your family before Thanksgiving Day."

Most downtown bars don't close until 2 A.M. Thursday morning. Ensure you and your group have a designated driver in place to keep yourself and other drivers safe.