Phantom Fireworks has been issued a provisional license for sports betting at the Covelli Centre to begin sometime in early 2023.

Jessica Franks of the Ohio Casino Control Commission tells 21 News that the process is far from over, and as such, betting will not start on January 1. Franks says Phantom Fireworks still has "a number of steps to complete" before bets can be accepted.

Phantom Fireworks Vice President, Bill Weimer tells us that the company's original plan to take existing space at the Covelli Centre and turn it into a sportsbook did not work out, so the company is currently in the process of figuring out how this will work.

Weimer says the company has a few ideas on how to tackle it, but need to get them in writing in order to move forward. Weimer hopes to have a solid direction by the end of January.

Phantom is expected to get its full license at some point in early 2023.