A new law in is designed to secure the health and safety of Ohio’s four-legged law enforcement officers.

The Governor has signed a bill which authorizes emergency medical personnel to transport a police dog by ambulance if the K-9 is injured in the line of duty.

Under the old law, certain medical services could be provided to an injured K-9 at the scene of an emergency.

The new law expands the ability of a medical professional to allow for life-saving transportation of a K-9 to a veterinarian center for treatment.

“K-9s are an integral part of our police force, so we must prioritize their safety and survival,” said bill co-sponsor State Rep Kevin Miller, a Republican from Newark.

Under the new law, a K-9 will only be transported via emergency services if the K-9 is injured in the line of duty and no other human requires emergency medical transport at the scene.

“K-9s must endure intense training before they are deemed ready for service and that training comes at a large expense,” said co-sponsor State Rep. Ron Ferguson (R-Wintersville).  “As a result, it is imperative that we protect the investment we put into our canines, and this legislation ensures that is the case.”