Warren Police found a three-year-old in a home with poor conditions with his allegedly intoxicated father on Sunday.

According to a police report, police received a call from the child's grandmother who showed up to the apartment on Southern Boulevard to check on the child whose father has custody of him on weekends.

Police say the child's father was ordered by a court to have cameras on in his apartment whenever he has custody of the child, but the child's grandmother told police these cameras were off when she showed up.

Police later discovered one of the cameras was turned around to face the wall instead of the living room.

According to police, the child's grandmother expressed concern when she noticed that the father appeared to be intoxicated telling police he was slurring his speech, could barely keep his eyes open or stand up and smelled of alcohol.

Police went on to say that the apartment was "a mess." Police say there was old food sitting on the kitchen table and end table, empty bottles of wine throughout the living room along with an empty Four Loko can and two boxes of Twisted Tea.

According to police, the kitchen was a mess with dishes and food everywhere. Police say it was difficult to walk in the apartment due to all the clutter.

When police asked the father about being intoxicated, he blamed his condition on multiple sclerosis, but told police he was never officially diagnosed. He also blamed his slurred speech on being sick claiming to have taken cough syrup and Mucinex. 

The father told police he did not consume any alcohol or drugs that day other than the cough syrup and Municex. When asked about the numerous bottles and containers of alcoholic beverages on the floor, the father told police those were old.

After this, police let the child leave with his grandmother while waiting for an ambulance for the father, whose condition was worsening according to police.

According to the police report, paramedics say he was under the influence of an opiate despite repeated claims that he wasn't. Police say he was still sober enough that he could not be forced to go to the hospital.

Police say they tried to advise the father to go to the hospital but he refused.

According to the report, police reported this incident as child endangerment due to the father allegedly being intoxicated and the poor condition of the apartment. No arrests have been made at this time.