While no official numbers have been released, however, sports betting in Ohio appears to be extremely popular, based on the number of individual accounts that logged into betting sites around the state in the first two days of legalization.

Ohio was the top state with logins to sports betting sites after launching on January 1, according to GeoComply, an geolocation and anti-fraud company for many of the top online sports betting companies.

Ohio had 11.3 million geolocation transactions in the first 48 hours after launching, with New York with 9.3 million transactions during the same period. Approximately 19.68 million people live in New York, while 11.78 million people live in Ohio, further showing how large of a launch this was for the sports betting companies.

There are 16 sports betting operators in the state, and according to GeoComply, about 784,000 individual accounts in the state, and more than 234,000 transactions during the first hour of New Year's Day.

Pennsylvania had 8.2 million transactions during the same time period.

Ohio topped New York and New Jersey, which are the top two sports betting states, according to Robert Linnehan, sports betting regulatory reporter, and editor for XLMedia.

Linnehan said Ohio had a very successful launch, noting that while 11.3 million logins don't necessarily mean that bets were placed, but indicates a registered user logged into a registered account.

But Linnehan said that many logins are a good sign for sports betting companies in Ohio.

Linnehan said that the Ohio launch fairly impressive when compared to other recent launches.

New York, the top sports betting market in the US, when it launched sports betting in January 2021, it had 17.9 million transactions on the opening weekend.

32 states now have legalized sports betting in the U.S., however, only a few offer Sportsbooks, betting at professional sports stadiums and arenas,  and kiosks - for additional locations where people can place bets in Ohio.

Linnehan said he is also interested to see how the Ohio SportsBooks, not all legalized sports betting states offer this type of betting, with professional sports embracing sports betting in the state.

The unknown is how many people will choose to bet at the sports stadiums or at other locations such as kiosks instead of on through the app or via the websites., which is something Ohio is doing that many states aren't, Linnehan said.

GeoComply data released show that transactions around the state for the first 48 hours of betting show that Columbus had 1.03 million transactions in the first two days, while Cleveland had 772,000 transactions, Cincinnati had 1.9 million, and 619,000 in Toledo.

Ohio is one of a few states, including Louisiana, that offer licenses that allow local businesses to operate kiosk betting stations in the U.S.