Four Belmont Pines escapees were found in the press box at Girard High School's football stadium early Friday morning.

Liberty Police Captain, Ray Buhala tells 21 News four juveniles had escaped from the hospital on Thursday. Captain Buhala says they were found at around 1:00 a.m. Friday by Girard Police.

According to a police report from Girard PD, the juveniles told police that they were just friends meeting up and none of the four knew where they were or who they were staying with in town.

According to Girard Police, the juveniles were advised they would be charged with curfew and trespassing violations.

Once at the station, police say the juveniles attempted to give officers false information. As police were running this information, police received an alert from Liberty Police to be on the lookout for four juveniles who had run away from Belmont Pines.

Police say the description of all four juveniles matched the description of the runaways mentioned by Liberty PD. The four juveniles were promptly returned to the hospital

When asked if any of the juveniles were armed, Captain Buhala told 21 News he is unaware of any of the juveniles possessing weapons of any kind. Girard's PD's report also has no mention of weapons.