The Ward Beecher Planetarium has announced via Facebook that it will be closing "for the foreseeable future" due to a fire that occurred at Ward Beecher Hall Monday afternoon.

According to the Facebook post, it is too early to assess the damages to the planetarium computers and projectors, a cursory look revealed damage to the dome with the planetarium's carpet and seats sustaining water damage.

Ward Beecher Planetarium Engineer, Curt Spivey tells 21 News that there is currently no internal damage to equipment, but there is expected to be significant smoke damage.

Spivey also tells us the fire was located in the mechanical room outside of the Ward Beecher Planetarium. 

This damage means that all public access planetarium shows will be canceled. According to the post, repairs could take "a number of months." Cleanup of the planetarium has already begun.

Pictures sent to 21 News shows significant damage to the roof of the building.

Classes are canceled for the remainder of the day, but are scheduled to resume as normal starting Tuesday, January 10.

Astronomy students who take classes in the planetarium should expect an email from their professors with further details on where their classes will take place.

21 News has sent a reporter to the scene to gather more information. Stay connected for the latest updates on this breaking story.