Military aircraft fly across the Mahoning Valley skies daily, right above the constant training in session as soldiers from across the country touch base to learn, here, in Trumbull County. 

The Youngstown Air Reserve Station officially opened in the 50s and took off with many milestones since. The latest announcement that the 910th Airlift Wing may see major a upgrade and become the home of eight new C-130Js solidifies confidence in operations and long-term stability. That's something the Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce said Valley military stakeholders have been working on for the past decade.

"We were probably somewhat vulnerable," President & CEO of the Regional Chamber of Commerce, Guy Coviello said, "With the new models, more efficient models, we'll become much more valuable to the airforce and so I think it protects us from future cuts and any kind of risk of closure."

Coviello said that, on top of getting much-needed federal investment in recent years is why the air reserve station is the largest employer in the county.

Today, YARS is pumping about $150,000,000 a year, employing 2,000 workers. 

Coviello said hotels are booked when service personnel comes to train, and restaurants are frequented.

"There is a lot of that money pumped right back into our economy and propping up direct and indirect jobs throughout the Mahoning Valley," he said.