106 lb Medalists

1st Place - Dalton Wenner of Cranberry

2nd Place - Patrick Neff of Howland

3rd Place - Anderson Louden of West Geauga


113 lb Medalists

1st Place - Cael Dailey of Franklin

2nd Place - Alex McLaughlin of Cranberry

3rd Place - Aidan O`Donnell of Howland

4th Place - Trey Horst of Crestview


120 lb Medalists

1st Place - Elijah Brosius of Cranberry

2nd Place - Deacon Mock of Howland

3rd Place - Caden Kaleal of West Geauga

4th Place - Logan Casto of United 



126 lb Medalists

1st Place - Adam Heckman of Howland

2nd Place - Ayden Gillespie of Geneva

3rd Place - Brandon Murray of Cranberry

4th Place - Matthew Obranovich of West Geauga



132 lb Medalists

1st Place - Conner Rezkowski of Cranberry

2nd Place - Ethan Rose of Chaney

3rd Place - Brayden Greathouse of Jackson Milton

4th Place - Chris Paradise of West Geauga



138 lb Medalists

1st Place - Dane Wenner of Cranberry

2nd Place - Jenson Baker of United

3rd Place - Dan Donofrio of West Geauga

4th Place - Brock Bray of Jackson Milton



144 lb Medalists 

1st Place - Braeden Stallworth of Crestview

2nd Place - Brian Denamen of West Geauga

3rd Place - Calan Hollis of Franklin

4th Place - Danny DeLong of Cranberry


150 lb Medalists

1st Place - Devyn Fleeger of Cranberry

2nd Place - Quentin Artino of West Geauga

3rd Place - Carter Mock of Howland

4th Place - Robert Parisi of West Geauga


157 lb Medalists

1st Place - Nolan Rudesill of Howland

2nd Place - Nick Donofrio of West Geauga

3rd Place - Jack Nuhfer of Cranberry

4th Place - Tywan McDowell of Chaney


165 lb Medalists

1st Place - Ethan Bartlett of West Geauga

2nd Place - Daniel Riddell of Geneva

3rd Place - Matt Satterfield of United 

4th Place - Richard Bailey of Howland


175 lb Medalists

1st Place - Jonah Heckathorne of Franklin

2nd Place - Christopher Mijavec of Howland

3rd Place - Nasir Levy of West Geauga

4th Place - Zac Hostetter of East Palestine


190 lb Medalists

1st Place - Brayden McFetridge of Cranberry

2nd Place - Jawan Freeman of Chaney

3rd Place - Tucker Kiko of United

4th Place - Kadin Karns of Franklin


215 lb Medalists

1st Place - Michael Hupertz of Geneva

2nd Place - Gavin Berger of United

3rd Place - Camron Lynn of Jackson Milton

4th Place - Maveric Milnar of West Geauga


285 lb Medalists

1st Place - Dallas McCracken of United 

2nd Place - Jakob Baxter of Howland

3rd Place - Mason Everly of United

4th Place - Cole Capelli of Jackson Milton