Youngstown Police say they have arrested two male juveniles on the second night that rocks were onto vehicles driving along Interstate 680.

The arrests were made late Thursday after police say half a dozen vehicles were damaged in the area of the Mahoning Avenue overpass.

Officers were told that the suspects ran away into Mill Creek Park where the two were found trying to hide.

After a foot pursuit, police arrested two boys ages 12 and 14.

Police say it is possible a third juvenile was involved.

The juveniles were taken to JJC on felony charges of Vehicular Vandalism.

YPD called ODOT to remove the debris from the roadway while officer called the 911 Center made to locate all of the victims, since some had left the area.

The night before, 21 News received emails and videos of damage to cars and trucks caused by rocks, some of which were larger than softballs. 

A Hubbard woman says she was on her way to work when a rock came crashing through windshield, forcing her to call off of work and file an insurance claim.

"I mean these are people's lives you're dealing with and it's not cool or funny--it's scary.", said Kerry Dandridge.

One video shows a shattered windshield on a woman's car with a large rock sitting on the console next to the driver's seat.

Another video shows damage to the side of a pickup truck.

According to a police report, on of the victims chased two male juveniles who were hiding on the side of the freeway near the overpass.

Police say one of the vehicles damaged was a Ford pickup truck belonging to the Youngstown Street Department. 

Anyone who was a victim of their vehicle being damaged on I-680 over the last two days who did not make a police report, is asked to call the non-emergency line at (330) 747-7911.