Love's Travel Stops, which offers travelers and truck drivers a place to stop for everything from gas to vehicle repairs to food and drinks to restaurants, is looking a building its newest location on a 15-acre site in North Lima in Mahoning County.

The Oklahoma City-based company is looking to build one of its biggest locations beside the northeast corner of the turnpike in North Lima.

The project has been ongoing for the last two years, according to Rick Martin, chief zoning inspector for Beaver Township.

The parcel was rezoned more than a year ago Martin said.

The project was sidelined after wetland concerns emerged from the Ohio EPA, however, on Tuesday notified the travel center owners that the EPA had reviewed the wetland permit and determined it was "administratively complete."

The project required wetland mitigation with the US Corp of Engineers, which would allow for the creation or expansion of a wetland area in place of the need to change a wetland area on the parcel.

If approved, Martin said that Love's officials told him the location would be one of their largest locations, which would include the gas station and store, a Hardee's restaurant, a Speedco, Love's truck care service and two additional restaurants which will sell pizza and chicken. 

Ohio EPA with 180 days to take action on the Love's application.