Norfolk Southern states residents are currently receiving our help without any legal conditions.
 Some East Palestine residents forced from their homes want to know if accepting any reimbursement from Norfolk Southern for hotels, food, gas and  expenses incurred due to the train derailment will ban them from seeking compensation for other damages they may incur as a result of potentially toxic chemicals released into the air and water. We talked with Attorney David Comstock a Certified Insurance Coverage Specialist.
"Just because you accept money doesn't mean your giving up your rights to compensation down the road. What you would have to acknowledge is that if there were damages awarded there would be a credit for any money already paid to you," Attorney Comstock said.
If anyone asks you to sign a document or receipt read and understand it first.
If a copier is not available you can take a picture of what you signed with your cell phone and save that.
"If you don't understand it don't sign it and get help from someone who would," emphasized Comstock.
Attorney Comstock says people who have damage to the their home or business structures and or contents or have lost business profits should not make immediate decisions. But take the information provided and check references, professional organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and others. The Ohio Supreme Court website posts discipline actions certified against an attorney.
People are worried, exhausted, and emotional so they should not be making immediate decisions.
"They can expect to have people approach them to provide assistance, contractors, attorneys, public adjusters and again they need to make sure they know what they're reading, what they're signing, that they don't rush into anything, and that they take their time to do that," Comstock added. 
 "If someone comes to your door take what information they want to provide you, but don't sign anything there. Don't sign anything on the spot ever. Again you have a number of days to review it and I would take advantage of that," Comstock said.
Attorneys can send a letter to inform you of your rights,  but not show up in person at your door to solicit your business.
It may be wise to let some time pass to determine all claims you may have against an entity for damages.
You will need to prove fault and damages in a lawsuit.
Folks should also check their homeowners policies to find out what is and is not covered by your policy.
Attorney Comstock tells WFMJ News some policies have exclusions for hazardous materials and that in many policies there must  be direct damage to the structure and contents before it is covered.  Just because they were ordered to evacuate by law enforcement does not mean it's covered. 
Norfolk Southern responded to WFMJ's request for information. 
"Residents are currently receiving our help without any legal conditions," Norfolk Southern's Senior Corporate Communications Manager Connor Spielmaker said.