Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro announced Friday that more than $8 million for 166 schools in the state had received safe school-targeted grants. Grant money can be used to purchase safety equipment, implement new programs, and hire security personnel and school resource officers.

Here are local schools that received funding:

Mercer County

  • Commodore Perry SD, $49,616.40
  • Mercer Area SD, $49,683.64
  • Sharon City SD, $50,000
  • Portersville Christian, $20,370
  • Jamestown (School Resource Office Award), $75,000
  • Reynolds (School Resource Office Award), $75,000
  • West Middlesex SD (School Resource Office Award), $75,000

Lawrence County

  • Lawrence County CTC, $49,791.26
  • Mohawk Area SD, $17,724.89
  • New Castle Area SD, $45,420
  • Lawrence County CTC (School Resource Office Award), $74,100
  • New Castle Area SD (School Resource Office Award), $75,000

“Every student in Pennsylvania deserves a safe learning environment, and these Safe Schools Targeted Grants will help schools all across the Commonwealth invest in the resources and staff they need to keep students, teachers, and staff safe,” Shapiro said.