A father and son who are accused of shooting a Youngstown man were indicted in court on Thursday.

Nineteen-year-old Alexander Camacho and his father, 36-year-old Alexander Mercado were indicted on multiple charges.

Mercado was indicted on two counts of Felonious Assault with firearm specifications and one count of Inciting Violence, but Camacho was only indicted on the Inciting Violence charge.

In addition, three other suspects were listed on the indictment including 18-year-old Christian Moliere, who is charged with one count of Felonious Assault and one count of Inciting Violence, 33-year-old Emanuel Mercado, who is charged on all three counts and 35-year-old Keyline Mercado who is charged with one count of Inciting Violence.

The charges stem from an incident in Campbell in late December where Mercado and Camacho allegedly shot 29-year-old Luis Fernando Dominique-Rodriguez wounding him. 

Witnesses say the two were arguing near Jean Street when Mercado allegedly pulled a gun on Dominique-Rodriguez and shot him four times in his back and leg.