Boardman zoning officials will be meeting Monday evening to discuss zoning changes for senior living apartments on South Avenue.

Back in January, 21 News checked in with Boardman officials who were working to approve zoning changes for the construction of a new senior living apartment complex near Rulli Bros. on South Avenue.

On January 17, commissioners approved two parcels needed for the project after property group, pivotal had to shift the building site slightly north in order to avoid gas wells.

This project was not without controversy though, as some residents have expressed some concerns with this project. Namely the apartment's water runoff and whether or not the accept Section 8 housing.

Officials assured these residents that detention basins will be installed to alleviate those concerns adding that the property accepts Section 42 Housing, which is a housing tax credit.

When asked about whether or not the zoning changes are expected to be approved Monday night, Loree told 21 News he did not know, but said all plans are compliant with zoning regulations.