Norfolk Southern announced major plans Wednesday night to replace the tracks and excavate the soil in the derailment area.

According to the release, Norfolk Southern changed its plans in response to feedback from the citizens of East Palestine.

The company said it will begin work on the first rail line immediately and then move to the second line directly after.

“Our original plan would have effectively and safely remediated the soil under our tracks. As I listened to community members over the past two weeks, they shared with me their concerns about that approach. I appreciate the direct feedback, and I am addressing it," Norfolk Southern President and CEO Alan Shaw said.

According to the release, Norfolk Southern's work at the site has been performed in accordance with widely accepted environmental practices.

The company reports they've excavated more than 4,800 cubic yards of soil and 1.7 million gallons of liquid have been collected for disposal.

Norfolk Southern says soil preparation will be followed by track removal along the first line, then excavation of the soil and rebuilding of the track will take place. The same process will happen on the second line.

The company also shared its nine-step remediation overview:

  1. Begin preparation for the removal and excavation of the first rail line.
  2. Install and begin sampling shallow groundwater monitoring wells near the site.
  3. Continue active soil sampling around the site.
  4. Continue evaluating sediment and sampling in Sulphur Run, Leslie Run, and Bull Creek.
  5. Continue to excavate soil on the site.
  6. Continue surface water sampling, while monitoring and aerating the streams.
  7. Evaluate the stormwater infrastructure around the site.
  8. Continue the disposal of impacted water at an approved disposal facility.
  9. Begin shipping impacted soil to an approved disposal facility.