Trumbull County Commissioners have voted 2-1 to approve former Trumbull County Dog Warden employee, Charles Parks to another department after he faced animal cruelty charges.

In August of 2022, another 2-1 vote from Commissioners resulted in Parks being placed on unpaid administrative leave for allegedly not providing dogs with food or water resulting in charges of Deprivation of Food and Water to Companion Animals and Animal Cruelty, both second-degree misdemeanors.

Commissioner, Dennis Malloy tells 21 News he based his decision on the fact that he was not in office during the incident, so he feels like it's not his place to intervene in the matter.

Commissioner Niki Frenchko also voted in favor of transferring Parks stating that Commissioners Frank Fuda and Mauro Cantalamessa were wrong to place him on unpaid leave due to language in the Ohio Revised Code.

According to ORC Section 124.388, unpaid leave is not to exceed two months. However, Parks has been on unpaid leave since August. Furthermore, this only applies if the employee is charged with a felony. Parks was only charged with misdemeanors.

The only commissioner not to vote yes was Cantalamessa, one of the two commissioners who voted to place Parks on unpaid leave.

According to Malloy, Parks is no longer allowed to work with animals and he will be transferred to a maintenance position.