People in the community have a way to rally around and help a family whose baby is on a heart transplant list.
21 News talked with the family about the joys and fears they've been going through since his diagnosis.
Brandy and Richard Bailey's 7-month-old son has been in the fight of his life. At three weeks old he had difficulty breathing and his lips began to turn blue.
His mom and dad rushed him to the hospital. Akron Children's referred him to Cleveland Clinic where an MRI showed the left side of the baby's heart is three times the size it should be.
"He goes every month to the Cleveland Clinic. They give him an EKG, and do a bunch of tests on him to see how his heart is doing," his mom Brandy Bailey said.
His mom stayed with him at the hospital until he was allowed to go home, while Richard took care of their four other children, with help from relatives, and he continues to work.
"If the medications work great, but if they don't he's on the transplant list," said his dad Richard Bailey.
The family is hoping doctors will be able to help RJ to have a lifetime of smiles, laughter, and love.
"I like to see his motor skills. He's starting to grab things. He's drinking from a sippy cup. He's starting to get around," Richard Bailey added.
"I just enjoy having him home, his smile, his laughter, and he's really starting to share his voice with us. He's starting to walk in the walker," Brandy added.
The family in Leetonia sold some possessions to help pay for expenses that keep adding up.
The Children's Organ Transplant Association or COTA which only does fundraising for transplant patients is offering folks a way to help. 
The COTA takes no percentage like GoFundMe and other fundraising platforms. 
All money goes to help the patient.
"It's for during the time of his transplant and stuff all of this goes into the COTA fund. All goes to RJ for anything insurance does not cover.  They use that medication, and for us to get back and forth to the hospital," said his mom Brandy.
You can donate at COTA for RJs Journey 
You can also go to and look up RJ Bailey.
In addition, you can mark your calendar for March 15th. 
The Bob Evans in Salem on State Street will be holding a fundraiser on March 15, 2023.
Fifteen percent of your check will be donated when you present a flyer or picture of the flyer COTA for RJ's.