Many residents are left shaken after debris from a demolished house exploded on Pollock Avenue in New Castle Monday morning.

New Castle police ruled out a gas line rupture, but the cause of the explosion now remains a mystery. The New Castle police department and fire department are working with the FBI, the ATF, and the Allegheny County bomb squad to help determine the case. 

Police Chief Robert Salem says they have received 35 reports from residents detailing their damages after the explosion.

Lori Conner says she is haunted by the blast and every time she tries to sleep she hears the loud boom from two days ago. Residents reported broken windows, cracked foundations from debris flying around their neighborhood.

"All [I saw] was a black cloud of nothing and out of that black cloud [were] these big boulders just flying out of everywhere," Conner said. 

For other homeowners, their proximity to the demolished house shifted their foundation just one month after they bought their home. They said this investment may be a total loss. 

"There's been some wall shifting within the house. Some of the walls went away from the molding", the homeowner told 21 news. 

While residents in the neighborhood continue picking up the pieces of their homes. Investigators are conducting lab tests to provide more answers.