It was either a case of good timing by police, or bad luck for a man suspected of attempting to shoplift $122 dollars’ worth of laundry detergent from the Walmart in Liberty Township.

Police were called to the superstore late Thursday after store security reported that a man was seen concealing items beneath his coat.

According to a police report, Gregory Davenport pushed by the store’s security employee and ran through the doors just as a township police officer was arriving.

The officer says Davenport tripped over his own feet as he tried to turn away from police, landing on the sidewalk.

Drawing a Taser, the officer fired at Davenport, but said the suspect’s coat was so thick, the Taser barbs had no effect, and the suspect kept running.

Other officers arrived, searching in the darkness around Belmont Avenue and Goldie Road until Davenport was spotted lying on the ground, hiding under a pine tree.

Arrested at gunpoint and handcuffed, police say Davenport had stuffed $122 worth of Tide laundry detergent pods beneath his clothing.

Already wanted on warrants for theft and drugs, Davenport was scheduled to appear in Girard Municipal Court Friday on additional charges of robbery, resisting arrest, obstructing official business, and criminal trespassing.

The Tide Pods were returned to Walmart.

Stealing laundry detergent is nothing new.  Back in 2018, a sheriff's office in Hammond, Louisiana issued a news release saying that Tide laundry detergent has become one of the most stolen items because in some areas it’s become the new currency on the street.

The release stated that some people were stealing bottles of liquid detergent or Tide Pods and then trading them for drugs.