The Ohio Department of Health reported on Tuesday that sample results from private water systems of East Palestine area homes show no harmful levels of contaminants.

State and county health officials say they received verified laboratory results from 28 additional samples from private water systems as of noon Tuesday.

Ten of those wells showed no detectable contaminants. Eighteen wells had trace detections of some contaminants at levels well below safe drinking water standards.

There is no evidence that any of those trace detections are linked to the train derailment, according to ODH.

So far, 179 private systems have been sampled. Of those, health officials say test results from 99 samples have been verified, and none have shown any harmful contaminant levels associated with the derailment.

Included in the 179 system totals are five private water systems that have been sampled for a second time, the results of which are not yet available. On Monday, a second round of sampling began in the highest-priority areas.

The results can be found on the Columbiana County Health Department site at

Residents near East Palestine who would like their private water system sampled should call 330-849-3919.