Hubbard Police Chief, Bob Thompson has deemed threats made against Hubbard Schools on Tuesday credible.

During a news conference, Chief Thompson told local media a text message "involving weapons" brought to police attention was deemed credible and that police have a search warrant on the cell phone.

Police would not go into the exact content of the threats, but say officers are still actively investigating the situation. 

"We'll take the calls and we're going to investigate them. Our midnight turn, they were going house to house last night talking to people so they're really doing their jobs. The school resource officer ... he's continuing to work up there [and] we're in constant contact with school administrators," Chief Thompson said.

Meanwhile, Chief Thompson also addressed misinformation being spread on social media about a second threat pointing to a video that surfaced on social media Tuesday night, which is believed to pertain to the same incident but with "inaccuracies."

"We want the kids to say something if they hear something, but we need them to come to us not Facebook and start putting stuff out there because as soon as the story gets out, it changes as it goes out and gets reposted and it just gets out of hand," Chief Thompson said.

Police are not releasing the names of any suspects but say once they find out who sent the text there will "absolutely" be charges including possibly aggravated menacing or inducing panic.