Union workers at Greenbriar Healthcare Center in Boardman are demanding action to fix what they're calling a nursing home crisis across Ohio.

Workers say they're upset by the state's new Nursing Home Quality and Accountability Task Force.

The Task force takes input from family members of people in nursing homes, administrators and state regulators.

However, workers say they aren't a factor in the program and feel they can't do their job effectively because there is not enough staff.

"We need to get it back up because a lot o times we are working with only one, maybe one, staff member on the floor with 40 patients that you have to take care of, and patients are suffering," said Christa Dawson, a state tested nursing assistant at Greenbriar Nursing Home.

Medicare rates Ohio's nursing home industry as 39th in the country in terms of quality.

Workers at Greenbriar say the simple solution is increasing staffing and quality measures, two reasons why they feel the state needs to hear from them.